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Darker Sister

By: Joiya Morrison-Efemini 

Paperback | Pages: 196

Size: 5w x 8h 

ISBN: 9781736302736

Publication Date: 07/27/2021

About The Book

Like carving stone, DARKER SISTER sculpts the experiences of one American woman into effigies impossible to forget. DARKER SISTER extracts the splinters left by second-class citizenship and whittles them down to righteous anger, tolerant teaching and, finally; miraculously, forgiveness. This collection displays on a mantle of faith the acceptance that racial restoration may not happen on this side of eternity. Still, it strives. Morrison-Efemini tells her children, "You can do hard things," so she expects her readers to as well - to identify whether they fit the descriptions. Challenging us all to find ourselves on the wrong side of the page and to flip ourselves over to the light.

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