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First Light Cover (Book Creator Cover (Portrait)).png

First Light

By: Meghan Zipin

Paperback | Pages: 86

Size:  5.5w x 8.25h

ISBN: 979-8-9851572-9-1

Publication Date: 04/15/2023

Available  Now

About The Book

In 2013 I survived the Boston Marathon Bombing. First Light serves as a guide from the time of the bombing, to my life with PTSD, my experience with healing, relationships and motherhood. In the courtroom, I told the bomber that "I know one day I'll be a better mother and my husband a better father because we will show our children all that is good in this world; all there is to be thankful for." This collection is a tribute to that commitment and a testament to the idea that we can keep going.


Like a prism in a window trying to catch first light,

Or last light. 

I'll wiggle and wrangle and wonder:

Why are my clues jumbled? 

Why does first light and last night, 

morning dew and evening mist- 

Why do they all feel the same?

Imprisoned in a body that begs for its compass to right. 

I keep searching. 

For first, I mean last, I mean first light. 

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