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Girl in Shadows

By: Shannon Marzella 

Paperback | Pages: 146

Size: 5.5w x 8.25h 

ISBN: 9781736302712

Publication Date: 09/21/2021

About The Book

At fifteen Laura Thompson’s life has never been easy. After her mother dies  she’s left with her abusive alcoholic father and loses her childhood home.


In the wake of her mother’s death, Laura tries to adjust to her new life. Starting out the school year in the wake of trauma is difficult, but Laura soon learns the power of vulnerability and trust through new friends and young love. Just as Laura begins to find some peace, discovering that she’s pregnant sends her world spiraling out of control. 


This story is a reminder of the mother-daughter bond that never dies even with separation. It is one story of a birth mother and her choice to put her baby up for adoption, but it’s also a story of empowerment for anyone who has felt trapped. Laura finds her way out of the shadows, and she serves as a light for others to do the same.

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