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Hearts of Clay
and Tempest

By: Elizabeth Hunter

Hardback | Pages: 218

Size:  6w x 9h

ISBN: 9798985157208

Publication Date: 06/14/2022

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About The Book

In the court of Irish Fae, Brendan serves his queen and his family. As a solider he's seen suffering and war in the name of justice.
While harsh, the Fae Queens justice has protected his friends and his kingdom his whole life. In between serving on the front lines of battle and standing guard in the throne room, Brendan has always managed to follow orders and ask few questions.
But when the court is threatened, Brendan's world collides with a mortal girl.
Darcy never intended to arrive before the Fae Queen. She simply wanted to escape a life chained to the sea - the ocean that stole her uncle and her cousin's heart.
Like all Irish girls, Darcy knows leprechauns promise gold. A simple snare, and Darcy hoped for a pot of gold to buy a safe life away from the waves.
But like all legends, Darcy didn't know the story of gold was only partly true. To obtain her treasure, Darcy must strike a bargain with leprechauns and travel deep into Fae territory. 
Bartering with mortals isn't supposed to be difficult. Bartering with Fae is always a risk. But the bargains Darcy and Brendan strike may drive apart a fractured kingdom and risk everything dear to them.

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