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New Beginnings

It’s a scary thought, right? A new beginning? A fresh start? Even just staring at the curser blinking back at me on a blank page, a new page, is scary. What if whatever happens next, whatever words that come out, are wrong?

But then again, what if they’re right? And magical? And… perfect…

I really don’t want this to be another hallmark cheesy post about a new beginning being a challenge but also wonderful… but I’m not sure if it’s avoidable. Because new beginnings are wonderfully challenging. There’s no way around that. But I’m going to try my hardest to avoid the overworked metaphors that come with new beginnings (sunrises, a blank page (oh… wait…)). Anyways, when it comes to writing and publishing, I’m faced with new beginnings at every new email that pops up or dreaded blank pages waiting for my worlds to dance along the lines. It’s exciting, especially when our submissions are open to read every manuscript that comes through. To figure out how we can fit into your story and give it the new beginning in the public’s grasp. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s challenging especially when we have to make the hard decision of a “no,” or a “not yet.” But that in and of itself is a new start to a different journey. One that may include us somewhere down the line.

Writing is full of new beginnings. From the start of an idea, to the first blank page, to the next chapter, and then the next. Even when the story is over, there’s the next beginning of editing, beta reading, proofreading, and starting your publishing journey. Deciding on an agent, self-publishing, or traditional publishing, whichever path works best for you and your story, is yet another new beginning. Thrilling right? But also, kind of “shitting bricks” anxiety inducing, right? No? Just me? All this to say, while new beginnings are hopeful and wonderful, it’s also terrifying. But you’re not alone. There are so many others going through similar experiences to help guide you. Don’t be afraid to reach out for that helping hand. That person who you can lean on and be a light through your next new beginning.

I know I wouldn’t be where I am without several helping hands getting me through every joy and heartbreak that comes with a new beginning. So, thank you to those who have been and always will be there.

And know that if you, going through whatever new beginning is in your path, I’ll be there for you. Through every high, cheering you on for that first sentence written. Through every rewrite, keeping your head held high. Through every heartbreaking “no” or “not yet,” mending your heart back together to get through to the next beginning.

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