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Raspberry Fingers Cover_edited.png

Raspberry Fingers

By: Rachel Finkle

Paperback | Pages: 42

Size:  5.5w x 8.25h

ISBN: 9798985157260

Publication Date: 01/31/2023

Available Now

About The Book

Let me take you through summer. Through looking at your friend and feeling the pang of secret love, the dreams that come after, the night air through the window. Hasty interactions that give too much away and nothing at all. The confusion of learning how to love girls, how to love boys, and not let your heart be hurt too badly. One can always recover, and one always does. 

Let me show you high school crushes, forced smiles, and secret blushing whispers in class. Concerts and protests, a canary in a cage. Trying to act your age, trying to be older, wishing, sometimes, to be young again.

If I can’t speak directly for them, I’ll make a chain.


This is my story. Yours is different but look for the overlap, the smearing graphite, the prism rainbows thrown upon the wall. Appreciation of the softness and strength in women that carry the world upon their shoulders. Across these pages is scribbled sapphic love unapologetically, if a bit secretively. This collection is for those struggling with these feelings, and can maybe help you decipher them if you look inside.

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