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Saturn and Their Rings - Actual Cover-2.jpeg

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Saturn and Their Rings

By: S. N. Benenhaley

Paperback | Pages: 64

Size: 5.5w x 8.25h 

ISBN: 9781736302743

Publication Date: 10/26/2021

About The Book

Saturn and Their Rings by S. N. Benenhaley is a unique take on poetry as you've come to know it. Benenhaley brilliantly compares the inner workings of their mind, their intense emotions, and experiences to that of the planet Saturn. Amongst the many things explored throughout this collection, Benenhaley wants you to come away with this one aspect: "... you are more than what you think. We are all very complex beings with interests, careers, characteristics, and lives. Don't let them put you in a 'one size fits all' box."

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