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The Traded Prince

By: JL Kayson

Paperback | Pages: 406

Size:  5.5w x 8.25h

ISBN: 9798988333203

Publication Date: 06/27/2023

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About The Book

In a land where daemons stalk the shadows, shades haunt the living, and magic comes from absent Gods, Kyrith Nefion knows what it takes to survive. Since the Fracture War split Akadon thirteen years ago, he's been raised by the enemy as punishment for his father's crimes. In turn, Ezran Breckhym has taken his place in the splendor of the Northern court. 

When Kyrith returns home without a single demand from the Southern King, the Northern crown is shaken. Both traded Princes struggle to find their place. Kyrith's scars run too deep, in every sense. The answers Ezran receives from Arra Enryn, the distant daughter of an infamous Southern General, serve as more troublesome reflections.

Secrets abound. Arra must decide whether to betray her King for the only friend she has ever known. Kyrith's magic must stay hidden, even from the disciplined guard who oddly bends the rules for him. Ezran's feelings threaten not only his illusion of home, but also the bonds he's made with the Northern royals. A broken family has to learn to piece itself back together, while a Southern shadow threatens to do the same to the fractured Empire-by force.

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