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Giving a platform for the voices of warriors, survivors, and fierce souls because everyone has a story, and yours deserves to be heard
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Our Story

Welcome to Nymeria Publishing!

We’re Sarah and Kennedy, the cofounders of Nymeria Publishing. Each of us are writers ourselves and for as long as we can remember, we had dreams of being published and becoming full time authors. But the only thing that stood in our way was the difficulty of navigating the crazy world of publishing.


Between finding publishing companies that will accept unsoclicitated work, trying to find an agent, or just going straight to self publishing, the whole process was honestly getting exhausting! And even when we were lucky enough to find a publishing house, the contracts offered weren’t fair to us, as writers.


That’s where Nymeria comes in. We started Nymeria as a way to not only shine a light on unheard or marginalized voices, but also to help authors have control over their work. The publishing world may be crazy, but it just got a whole lot brighter! 

Not ready to publish yet?

If you still want to get your work out there, or just want a platform to write, email us at: to discuss blogging opportunities!


We are calling for readers who are interested in receiving advanced digital copies of books to be published.

Requirements: Readers must be able to read and post a honest review of the book(s) on either Goodreads, Reedsy, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, personal blog, and/or social media.

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

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