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Why You Should Join a Writing Group

We all know the image — a writer sits alone at their desk in an isolated cabin in the woods, burning the midnight oil to finish their manuscript. And while that scene is based more in a Stephen King movie than reality, there is a bit of truth to it.

Writing can be a lonely experience. You are often the only person involved in much of the process with your ideas and words living solely in your mind. But that sense of isolation isn’t productive for everyone. Sometimes, as Celine Dion opines, you “don’t wanna be all by myself.”

A writing group offers a chance to connect and interact with other writers. Whether it's a monthly meetup at a local coffee shop or a group text, having other creatives in your circle can make the writing process easier. 

Here a few reasons why you should consider joining a writing group.

Build a sense of community.

Let’s be real — writers can be a bit quirky. With tons of creative ideas swirling around in our minds, we can often be a little eccentric, unorthodox, and maybe even weird. This can make it hard to discuss our work with family and friends who aren’t writers.

A writing group allows you to congregate with like-minded people who have some insights into what you might be experiencing. Fellow writers will understand the ups and downs of the creative process and provide a supportive community for you to fall back on whenever you need it. Plus, they’ll be able to draw on their own experiences to give you advice.

Feedback — the good kind.

When you give your manuscript to your mom to read, you’re most likely going to hear about how great it is and how much she loved it. And while those words of affirmation are much needed after the rigors of writing a story, they aren’t necessarily the most productive.

Having a group of experienced writers willing to read your work opens the door for you to get valuable, actionable feedback on your work. They’ll be able to provide both high-level and detailed notes on your writing and help you understand how to make a good story great.

Accountability, baby!

Being a writer can be exhausting. If you get hung up on one part of your novel or one word in a poem, it can be easy to throw in the towel and upend any kind of timeline or goals you created for yourself.

As a part of a writing group, you have built-in accountability buddies who will help keep you on track. Make sure to share your deadlines and goals with the group so they can check-in when dates are closing in and provide assistance to help you meet your deadlines.

Sharpen your writing skills.

You aren’t going to better your basketball skills by hanging out in a science lab so you can’t expect to improve your writing if you never interact with other writers. Being a member of a writing group grants you access to other creative minds, meaning you can learn new techniques, expose yourself to other viewpoints, and become a more well-rounded writer.

Looking for a writing group?

That’s what we’re here for! Whether you want feedback on a finished manuscript or just want to chat with some fellow writers, Nymeria is here for you. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram, and feel free to contact us directly. Talk soon!

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