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A Conversation with Author Amber Moss

Nymeria Publishing is thrilled to welcome author Amber Moss to our ever growing family. The author of two previous works — Bucket Of Thorns and To Her we are excited to announce her newest poetry collection, Some Kind Of Black.

“No one tells you how hard it is to love black shadows in America.”

-an excerpt from Some Kind Of Black by Amber Moss

This collection follows Amber’s experiences growing up feeling like she didn’t quite belong in the “box” that her hometown put Black women in. It chronicles her experiences from not feeling like she fit in her own skin to finding her own definition of what it means to be Black and that she never had to fit into the mold to be her authentic self.

“I was born to work like my mother and hers alike.”

-an excerpt from Some Kind Of Black by Amber Moss

This collection asks readers to leave all of their preconceived notions of what it means to be Black at the door. It highlights Amber’s journey as well as calling for readers to realize how dangerous it is to be Black in America. Some Kind Of Black is a call for action and change to all those who read it.

“How is it that we have made a culture out of killing black men or stuffing them into orange jumpsuits for twenty years?”

-an excerpt from Some Kind Of Black by Amber Moss

Prior to the release of Some Kind Of Black we sat down with Amber to discuss her new collection and what she hopes readers take away from her work. Check out the conversation below and preorder Some Kind Of Black starting November 15th at, as well as other retailers.

Nymeria Publishing: Where do you get your inspiration for your poetry?

Amber Moss: My family and culture inspires most of my poetry. My work comes from my experiences as a Black woman in America. I also draw inspiration from some of my favorite poets, Jericho Brown, Terrance Hayes, and Taylor Byas.

N: What made you want to create this specific collection?

A: Growing up, I was always labeled an oreo. My classmates would say that I acted like a white girl. In my hometown, people believed there was only one type of Black person and if you didn’t fit into that box, then you weren’t “Black enough.” Although I didn’t act like my fellow Black students, I still have Black skin which often limits me in America. After college, I moved to New York City and I finally met people more like me. It taught me that I didn’t have to fit the mold of what people believed Black women were supposed to act, speak, and look like. I wanted to share this idea through my poetry collection.

N: Your collection discusses various aspects of your experience growing up as a Black woman, why was poetry a powerful outlet for you to voice these experiences?

A: I was a pretty shy kid growing up. I never spoke my mind because I was afraid of conflict. So poetry became a way for me to speak my mind. It wasn’t until college that I became more outspoken and started performing my poetry.

N: Which poem from this collection do you want readers to pay the most attention to?

A: I definitely want readers to pay attention to “What Color Is Something Beautiful?” It’s one of the most powerful poems I’ve written. It outlines how white skin is usually preferred over Black skin in America. In sixth grade, I went to a majority white school and the kids made fun of my hair. While my friends were getting their first boyfriends, the boys didn’t desire me. It was during that time when I wished I was blonde with blue eyes.

N: What do you want readers to take away from your collection?

A: I want readers to debunk every stereotype about Black people. I also want readers to understand that while we are working towards equality, being Black in America is still dangerous. We are targeted everyday. It takes the effort of everyone to reach equality.

N: Final question, What can readers expect next from you?

I’m currently working on a longer collection called Thanatophobia which means fear of death. You can read some of my work from this collection (Thanatophobia and Poseidon) at

“I hope you understand that blackness is precious.”

-an excerpt from Some Kind Of Black by Amber Moss

Some Kind Of Black will be published in February 2022 by Nymeria Publishing. You can visit and follow @nymeriapublishing on social media for updates about the release.

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